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Millán De Mishaan Designs

Millán De Mishaan Designs (MDeM Designs) is an architecture and interior design firm that offers a personalized service according to the clients needs. MDeM Designs combines the respective skills in design, planning, and coordination to deliver an integrated service that encompasses interior architecture and the aesthetic aspect of the project.

MDeM Designs is also responsible for the design and creation of had crafted furniture, suited to the client's needs and the specific requirements of the project's space, making unique every piece of furniture.

MDeM Designs provides an integrated service of assisting in the planning, decoration, and execution of the clients’ projects.

MDeM Design's interior design team has experience in designing architectural plans with a practical distribution, as well as designing the ideal custom furniture for each space.

As a design house, MDeM Designs also produces decorative articles designed by the designer Susie Millán De Mishaan and Verónica Mishaan De Maidan. These decorative articles all resemble the classic/modern style that characterizes our firm.

Susie Millan de Mishaan

As a young woman, she studied fashion design in Paris at La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. The designer finds the principles of fashion design highly similar to those of interior design; where creativity, design, planning and execution are crucial. This allowed her a smooth transition into the field of interior design, which was completed with her studies in Interior Design at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute

Through out the years, Susie Millán De Mishaan developed a timeless style
with intuition and training of the eye.

Veronica Mishaan-Maidan

Veronica Mishaan-Maidan has interior design and architecture in her blood, she followed in her mothers footsteps and got involved in the design world shortly after graduating from Tufts University in 2010. Her taste for art and design started at an early age which helped her to develop artistic skills, focusing on oil painting, a technique that led to various expositions and even some projects as an interior designer. She perceives interior design as an artform in which every detail creates the final masterpiece.